Nation and Tourism


Some people declare tourism is beneficial to a contry. Others say that it does even more harm than good.

Currently people are more willing to spend their hardworked money on dream vacation than before, therefore the tourism is of vastly importance for any nation and its economy that has natural wonders or perhaps rich and interesting history. But can be tourism getting more bad sides using its development or is it most worth it? В В В В В В В В В В

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To begin with tourism contains a lot of very good sides, for example it constitutes a great contributions to economic climate, because it may drasticaly replace the amount of money in countries bankВ which means it could improve life standard plus the amount of wages. The very best example is our own country. We have astoneshing nature and extraordinary earlier so travel is the especialy important for us and our future. Additional thing is that through this kind of activity were spreading the word of our region world wide. Finally seeing other nations breath of air thankenВ by simply our country we be a little more proud of that and we study in that way to understand it even more and address it with esteem. В В В В В В В В В В

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Like any different thing this also has negative effects, like endagering the ecologically with garbage made by bluff tourists. Furthermore with producing tourism there comes the advertising of our history and legacy to strangers. People are selling national treasures like our fabulous islands although they have not any right to do it. Third disagreement against tourism is excessive prices in summer months the moment sellers wish to generate much more funds than usual. For this reason the locals have to adjust and dedicate more that they often do not have.

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My personal thoughts and opinions is that travel is very profitable activity for just about any country and has more confident than adverse sides. Every single state should explore and completely employ all of the potential so it can develop properly and enable better life for its citizens. On the other hand there should be limits for...



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