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L3 HSC Technological Certificate unit worksheet

Unit 301 -- Principles of communication in adult cultural care adjustments

The figures in the mount after each question connect with the analysis criteria inside the standards

1 . Identify the various reasons why persons communicate (1. 1 . 1) Communication can be described as way in which we have a message around to others, or a way in which we all receive a meaning. Sometimes the message could be received but is not in the way it absolutely was intended to be received. The way in which a message is received can depend in route in which we communicate such as body language, face expression, actions (moving your hands etc . ), and the method we speak (tone of voice etc . ).

2 . Explain how communication influences relationships in an adult sociable care environment (1. 1 ) 2) Interaction can affect interactions in a interpersonal care environment in a confident or negative way. It will depend on the way the message has been received and exactly how it was can be received. If it was a adverse communication it could have a very unfavorable effect on the partnership you may have with this individual, and vice versa. It is vital to be cautious of your words and how you say that, as persons may receive a different meaning to what was intended.

3. Compare ways to establish the communication and language requirements, wishes and preferences of and individual (2. 2 . 1) |Ways to establish communication. |Positives |Negatives | |Asking the person you are communicating with how they |Gives the person the choice of how they want to be |They is probably not able to communicate for example that they | |would like to connect. |communicated with. |have a hearing impairment. | | | |There may be a...



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