Childhood Friends


Abdullah Matucan

As I was staring at two kids playing with each other, I remember my childhood experiences. When I was in primary, I used to get my friends anytime I came up home from school. They were not simply childhood friends but they were also my family. We had lot of good times put in together mainly because we occupied same barangay and analyzed at the same college. I remember the games we all used to perform and the frivolity we shared together.

While gazing at the kids and rekindling the past, I visualized how everything had transformed. How personally changed via being an blameless kid to a mature adult. How a slender child grew out of his layer and became a productive individual and most coming from all, how performed I adapt to the new environment with new circle of friends. Close friends play a vital role in our life. A friend can give you constant happiness and share your holes when you are down. They make you experience comfortable as you feel like shaking with the difficulties of lifestyle. They are the people who will guard you when ever someone all judges and accuses you with fallacy. Friends are great those who decided to talk about their precious life to give you a pleasant environment and a meaningful lifestyle to live. These types of attributes are merely few to mention the entire good things my childhood close friends possessed. All of us treat one another like real siblings and we do not let someone feels most detrimental in the group.

On the contrary, not all individuals have the same point of view with me. I actually heard lots of people saying that he does not are worthy of to be named as good friend. This state can be described in some cases wherein best friends ended up being as mortal enemies. Really too bad that a person you called good friend ended up otherwise you worst opposition. Why does this kind of thing happen? When a person has decided to be each of our friend, she/he usually provides motives. Some may just desire to be close to us because we have attributes they like however, many others choose us to become their good friends because...



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