Characteristics of Diary of your Wimpy Child


Record of a Wimpy Kid

Greg Heffley

Laid back - I say that Greg is very laid back, for several causes. First, 1 time on his approach to school selection Rowley, his best friend, take him on the piggy back. Second, during the summertime Greg would NEVER do any sports or acquire any physical exercise instead he'd just work all day playing video games as his dad expects him to be playing outside, each time right before his dad came up home, however turn off his video games, run out to the back garden, run through the sprinklers and pretend to try out football by himself.

Creative - Greg Heffley is very innovative. He feels of ways out actually in the most intricate situations. Once, when his mom manufactured him create " Appreciate You” greeting cards for his Christmas gifts. Greg got the simplest way out. Rather than writing a unique, personal 1 for each person, he only wrote up a template and switched the present each person provided him, plus the name with the person and ta-da having been done. One other time, this individual got a brand new pair of shoes and didn't need to get them grubby, so this individual tied plastic bags around his shoes or boots not to get them dirty. Finally he often " hires” himself some type of a mini slave.

When your Gregs mini slave. You have a lot of responsibilities, for example , when your jogging with him to school, likely to most likely gonna have to take his catalogs and watch out for doggy interferes on the sidewalks, and sometimes you may even have to hold him the hill and so Greg didn't get as well tired. Or when your in a few sort of intimidating situations you will ALWAYS move first and so Greg is aware if he may be secure or not really.

Understanding - Greg is pretty understanding when it comes to selected things specially when it comes to understanding where he fits in into contemporary society. Greg sees that he isn't popular, WHATSOEVER. He knows that when its time to choose teams at physed, that he will obtain picked previous. He knows that nobody will ever sit with him in lunch, therefore he sits down next for the garbage may on...



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