Chapter 16 Reflection

Chapter 16 Reflections

Chapter Reflections

Chapter 18 of our book for class, Teaching Fundamental Physical Education: Strategies for the Classroom Professors is called " Interdisciplinary Methods for Physical Education”. I experienced as though this kind of chapter was very " to the point”, but it turned out also packed with a lot of information which can be very useful in the classroom. This phase was about precisely what the title advises: ways that you might integrate physical education in to everyday classroom activities and learning. I am able to definitely observe myself applying some of the items that I find out about in this chapter in my upcoming classroom.

The first part of this phase was about the different levels of curriculum incorporation. I found that there are three different amounts of integration: connected, shared, and partnered. The very least complicated in the three can be " connected”, and might just involve me, while the tutor, making basic connections between two subject matter. I think that the would involve me looking at two topics and then finding the common ground that they share so that I can reinforce knowledge from one subject matter in another. The other level would be " shared”, which could involve choosing similar principles in two or more subjects and reinforcing all of them in each one of the subjects. You wish to be able to reinforce something in one subject, is to do the same thing pertaining to the different. The key word is " share”. My spouse and i learned that the last level, " partnered”, is often the most hard. It would be one of the most difficult because it involves a team of teachers discussing the same big ideas. I think that this would be difficult because each educator in the team might have a different idea by what would be ideal and it may be difficult to maintain what is most significant at the center with the discussion. Incorporation can definitely be hard, but it is doable.

Another section of the chapter discussed devising your own cross-disciplinary topics. The...



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