Change Management of Huawei



Name: Wang Senlong (Bluce)



Lecture: Mr. Josef


The definition of change administration


The consideration of change administration


Intro of HUA WEI

The history (problems) of HUA WEI

--Two " collective resignation” in Huawei history

--Performance-related pay

--Employee training and development

3 main steps during Huawei development

-- Self-optimization

-- The launch copy

-- Innovation and development






The meaning of alter management

Change management is the approach to shifting individuals, groupings, and businesses from the current state for the desired foreseeable future state. It is an organizational procedure in order to ensure that the change stakeholders to accept and embrace changes in their own organization environment. The change supervision includes the Mission alterations, Strategic improvements, operational alterations, structural adjustments, technological alterations, changing the attitudes and behaviors of personnel. (Ola, 2011) Basically, the alter management is visible when the firm growth reifungsverzogerung, the internal complications appear, and will not to adjust to the procedure environment. The enterprise need to make the organization transform strategy, make the necessary changes and enhance the management about internal level, work processes, and corporate tradition, in order to make an ideal transition of enterprises. Although we should also know that not every change makes success, however the intense competition, frequent technology innovation and self-growth demands, shows that they need change management. We know a single sentence said: change might be dead, but if not, should be dead. (Dahai, 2004)


The thought of change management

To make the change success, we must consider about two relationships. Initial is the relationship of consequence and acceleration. The process of alter must pursuit the effect of stage transform. We can say the effect can be described as function of the results and speed. Pursuit of the initial effects while overlooking the alter speed is likely to make the in order to lose it is meaning. Quest for the speed but ignoring your initial results is likely to make the whole change fails. Second is combination of institutional shaping and personal framing. The content of management should be to form a team to achieve the goal with the organization, that the change is usually same. To develop this these kinds of a successful staff, need to establish the corresponding program, and are unable to ignore the talent and individual factors. Only remodeling the institutional without the support from the people, the change will certainly dead; if only consider about the personal remolding while with no institutional remodeling, the modify will only circulation in the cavity, and of course may not be success.


Launch of HUA WEI

HUA WEI Technologies Co. Limited. Is a personal technology organization located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, Chinese suppliers. The company stock owned by their employee as well as the product is telecoms equipment. The president of Huawei known as Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987, in Shenzhen. At that time, the registered capital was simply 21, 000 RMB. Nevertheless, it is the world's largest telecommunications network solutions provider plus the world's second largest dealer of telecommunications base stop equipment. This year, Huawei acquired the income $31. 543 billion. (huawei stratagic, 2012)

(summerxia, 2012)

Huawei's main organization ranges happen to be: switching, transmission, wireless and data communications, to produce the telecommunications network equipment for customers around the world. This year, Huawei ranked first group in the list of top 500 private companies in cina. And at the same time, Huawei is the merely one company has not IPO in the world's top 500 list, and also the world's sixth-largest cellphone...

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