Cambodia Society

Pecking order

* Buddhism also reephasizes a sense of pecking order within world * Prevalent hierarchical guidelines are that parents are better than children, teachers to students and managers to subordinates.


5. Cambodia is known as a collective contemporary society

2. In this kind of societies, manners and protocol guidelines are accustomed to maintain a sense of common balance - one example is subtle conversation styles are engaged in order to reduce the chances of leading to offense to others.

2. Protecting both equally one's personal and other's face is very important. * Confront can roughly be translated as a mixture of honor, pride and community reputation that is certainly attributed to a person.

* And also the in Cambodia need to be aware of the mechanics of face to ensure they do not cause one to lose deal with as a result of unintentional actions. 2. Face is usually lost when someone can be criticized, humiliated or uncovered in public. 5. It can be given by complimenting somebody publicly, i. e. for their business acumen or hospitality.

Meeting & greeting

* Greetings among Cambodians happen to be dependent on the relationship/hierarchy/age between the people.

* The traditional greeting is actually a bow coupled with a delivering of the hands together at chest level (similar to bringing hands together intended for prayer). 2. If one particular intends to exhibit greater admiration the bend is lower plus the hands helped bring higher. 5. With and also the Cambodians have adopted the western practice of nervous-looking hands. 5. The simple guideline is to act in response with the handmade you get.

Dining Social grace

* Stand manners happen to be fairly formal.

* Once invited to the dining table wait to be advised where to take a seat as you may not want to upset virtually any hierarchical plans.

* The oldest person is usually sitting first.

* Likewise the eldest person should start eating before others. 5. Do not begin eating before the eldest person starts.

Business Cards

* Business cards should be exchanged following your...



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