Byzantine Empire Chief Justinian

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Justinian ruled our Byzantine Empire. Though he reconquered parts of the Roman Empire he reigned over one of the most good empires at any time. Justinian was a great although harsh ruler. His musical legacy will last to get generations.

Emperor Justinian was obviously a great but very tough ruler. Emperor Justinian purchased the homicide of 35 thousand rioting citizens this was known as the Nika Revolt. Emperor Justinian dispatched his Standard to harm the rebels with Imperial troops. With most of the rioters confined to the Hippodrome, it absolutely was easy to kill them although about 30 thousand people were murdered. Procopius describes him as a crafting, hypocritical, secretive by temperament two confronted, clever, yet he was a liar (Document 2). Justinian accepted captivity and made this legal in his empire. By doing this it allowed people to handle others extremely poorly; that included torturing, killing and honestly whatever else that they wanted to them since they were their property until the day time that they pass away (Document 7).

Emperor Justinian was not everything that bad. He created spectacular cities, this individual built the aqueducts that supplied water to his capital (Document 1). This individual also made beautiful chapels such as the Hagia Sophia. As a visitor for the Hagia Sophia you can see that God was very important to the Empire by simply how beautiful that they manufactured the church (Document 4). Justinian as well created a comprehensive legal code to protect his citizens. Such as if an individual was to take your materials without authorization you can drag into court them pertaining to the value of the grain and this prevents fighting and disturbance (Document 8). It is important to have civil laws to protect someones rights and property. The legal system includes statues or laws passed by simply senate; orders or loss of the chief as well as decisions made by barrister also known as idol judges and jurors...



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