Biology Unit 1 Mark Scheme

UnitВ B1, В B1. 1В MarkВ schemeВ

Keeping healthy

1 . (i) or (ii) the loop is definitely sterilised recognize to destroy anything within the loop to kill any bacteria upon it; do not credit rating to clean the loop if perhaps hot it might kill bacterias picked up (from culture); agree to ‘microorganisms' or ‘microbes' accept entry of contaminated surroundings but deny entry of air unqualified to prevent access (from the air) of unwanted bacteria or bacterial spores or fungal spores; accept so can't breathing on it; accept ‘microorganisms' or ‘microbes' so that the (petri) dish is certainly not opened (after bacteria will be cultured) or reduce evaporation or drying of the agar agar, accept ‘microorganisms' or ‘microbes' accept in order to avoid anything relevant getting in/out reject references to some spillage 1 one particular





[4] 2 . (a) (b) being overweight do not accept excess fat unqualified; allow BMI more than 25 (i) rose by 8% / from 16% to 24% / by 50% as well as rapidly after that more slowly (ii) any two reasonable recommendations e. g. less active accept at the. g. h like fewer jobs as well as more cars / much less physically demanding job OWTTE even more food / take-aways as well as fast food (c) (i) substantial (blood) bad cholesterol do not recognize combination of 2 labels dismiss references to LDL and HDL answer in selection 8-17 comprehensive some deaths related to more than one factor one particular 1 you 1 2

(ii) (iii)

1 1 [8]



any two from: • era • sexuality • mass • quantity in group • time any two from: • highest (mean) mass damage on Rosemary Conley or Rosemary Conley most effective • least (mean) mass reduction in control group or suggest




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UnitВ B1, В B1. 1В MarkВ schemeВ

(c) (Atkins) costs least mass loss very similar to other diet plans or second highest mass loss or perhaps as powerful as various other diets virtually any two from: • (exercise) increases metabolism / respiration ignore sweating • (exercise) needs as well as uses energy / unhealthy calories allow melts away fat / calories do not accept strength for respiration • (this) energy originates from food / fat • less food / energy/ calories converted to fat 1 )..



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