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Should Marijuana Become Legalized?

In these days, marijuana has been the subject of debate inside the government plus the

community. In this conversation to legalize it or not, you might see that everyone

has a different opinion to be agree or disagree basing in activities, education, the

Scriptures, and other options that suggests to resolve this ethic issue for the legalization of


Some people response the question intended for so many rewards, some of those benefits are

economy, peace, and health. But also, there are present issues that one needs to think

about them properly before one make a decision. For instance , marijuana is known as a drug,

it influences the brain after which its capabilities on thinking, and the memory space. So what I actually

believe is that each of our society is preparing to legalize that drug, making rules and laws

to control the usage of it. Since marijuana can be used as treatments but if it really is used

in excess it becomes dangerous that is certainly exactly the same what happens with others

products since alcohol and tobacco. Can certainly make money always state: " Every thing in excess is usually bad”.

For example in the event somebody consumes a lot or it doesn't consume well is bad, therefore one has to understand

the right way to control that and use it in a good way. It will probably be good to legalize that because it

could conserve more hails from the Medication War, and saving lives is more crucial than

everything else. In Mexico in addition to other countries there are present a battle with Drug

Concentration. Those Association are the ones who transport marijuana and also other drugs into

the United States. They are aiming to control the complete country, ans are leading to the

death of numerous innocent lives.

First of all it is necessary to determine what marijuana is definitely, well weed or also

known as " cannabis”, is a blend of dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the cannabis

sativa plant. The mixture may be of different colours as green, brown, and gray.

Cannabis is the most prevalent illicit medication used in america. The

psychoactive chemical substance is delta-9-tetrahydro-cannibol " THC”, that substance produces

stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen effects.

Now, we're able to find the response through the specialists or researchers and also in the

Bible to see what Jesus says if is right or incorrect. But Jesus doesn't state a lot useful

cannabis or prescription drugs, but it says about consume alcohol a lot, which it can determine as the

identical to drug.

" Jesus criticizes drunkenness because it weighs over the heart and make us

inattentive to the coming of the Lord” (Luke twenty-one: 34)1. This scripture may be used to

prove that we should not in favor of getting stoned or high (those terms are used once

an individual abuse of any drug), and also explains that employing marijuana can make us

less approachable to transporting put God's plan for our lives.

But what I actually don't understand is the fact what happens if somebody requires marijuana as a

medication? Because which is main reason of why the government and some people

wish to legalize it, the marijuana is actually a plant that helps to prevent significant pain, A great

case in point is a classic man that is in his last days and he contains a several pain in his our bones

therefore the marijuana may be used to prevent and calm the pain.

Also is an excellent medicine if you are 100% natural with any chemical. 2

Nowadays, a lot more than 60 U. S., and International organizations are supporting by

doctors to legalize marijuana to access it as a medicine within physician's


To get ethical reasons, the people place the marijuana in the same class of other

drugs as morphine, and cocaine, although those prescription drugs are most dangerous because can easily

trigger deaths. However it is because they don't know enough about weed.

There is an investigation made it pertaining to scientists that prove weed is far less

risky than alcoholic beverages, and cigarette. 50, 500 people expire per year only from alcohol

poisoning, and more than 400, 000 deaths every each year pertaining to tobacco smoking, those...

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