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Article Review 2: Cultures and Worldviews

David Green

Clinton notes that " trying to be widely blind or color-blind reduces the importance of unique differences in the patient's personality and lifestyle. ” In fact , it truly is considered unethical to treat just about every culture and ethnicity in a uniform trend in guidance. Research now indicates that different strategies and approaches may need to be part of each culture.

I selected Native Americans as the population group that to reply to the questions for this community forum. Key to my decision is the fact that that I have a good measure of Osage in me.

Some of the key emotional issues for the Native American human population include substance abuse, post disturbing stress, physical violence, and committing suicide. According to Gone and Trimble, " fifty-four percent of Indian Health Companies supported mental health applications and 84% of Of india Health Solutions supported substance abuse treatment applications are given directly by tribes. ” When applications are not given by them, the program administrator must answer to the tribal govt.

Of take note is that which will more than likely contributes to their mental health issues, must include the specifics that they are " poorer, much less educated, significantly less employed, and less healthy than virtually any additional demographic in the us. ” Because they are poorer and fewer employed, they have less access to healthcare and this includes counselling or remedy. Many of them go to their traditional spiritual healers. According to Gone and Trimble, " there are 8-10 traditional solutions that are ranked among the top 9 most desired options regarding perceived efficiency. ”

There have been results with the Handling Depression subjects, in that this program consisted of 14 weeks of two-hour periods based on rules of cognitive behavioral therapy. The American Indian Life Skills Expansion curriculum has demonstrated to quite possibly reduce committing suicide in school age children. " A 10-week...

References: Clinton, Timothy, and George Ohlschlager. Competent Christian Counseling, Volume. 1 . Colorado Springs: WaterBrook Press, 2002.



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