Pop Culture

Pop Culture

Popular culture has a tremendous impact on our each day lives for years and has received a significant change on everyone in some type of way. It can be heavily influenced by technology. In some kind of way technology has allowed people to gain more knowledge upon general topics. " 2b or Not really 2b” by David Crystal, and " Watching TV Enables you to Smarter” simply by Steven Manley, both discuss how technology has had a huge impact on the way the modern day contemporary society works. Very argues the huge benefits that come with texting. He points out that even though in many ways text messaging has reflectivity of the gold the British language but at the same time it allows individuals to have better understandings as well. He values it is the progression of terminology. Johnson states that tv set is certainly not making us dumb but also in fact is actually healthy to get our minds. He points out throughout his essay that television increases our intellectual faculties, making us even more intelligent. Equally essays demonstrate how pop culture, being technology, can easily have results on people which are what ties those two articles together. Pop tradition is very wide-ranging but in equally articles, the authors arrive to the realization of take culture becoming very rooted in technology. The two creators talk about two of the most popular items most people carry out on a daily, texting and watching television. Both equally authors describe how appear culture and technology offers improved the process of thinking. Ravenscroft argues the fact that texting language does not distinguish whether a kid will be able to effectively read and write, but it really improves literacy. " The latest studies… include found good positive links between the usage of text dialect and the expertise underlying achievement in regular English in pre-teenage children. ” (345). He goes on to explain; in order for children as a good hemsida they must incorporate some " literacy awareness. ” (345) Similarly, Johnson morals people are watching television a lot more these types of day; even though are spending more time before a television set, they are also...

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