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For what reason do I need a Risk Management Plan? Under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Green house Gas Managing Regulations 95, a condition of holding a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) is employing an effective risk management plan (RMP), which sets out the handling and safe-keeping of refrigerant in the holder's business. What should my RMP contain? A RMP must recognize potential hazards which could result in the emission of refrigerant towards the atmosphere and can put actions into spot to minimise associated with those risks occurring. The RMP need to reflect risks and measures relevant to what occurs with the refrigerant both on and from the job. This kind of applies whether your business is conducted from a vehicle or building and whether you are a sole trader or utilize 100 experts. Note: In audit, the ARC Field Officer will certainly ask questions relevant to the risks you may have identified for your business and determine whether you have put an effective RMP into place. The Field Officer will likely discuss likely risks you possibly will not have considered. A sample RMP in the broadest risk assessment is at this document and available on our internet site www.arctick.org. This really is simply a information – the particular risks which can be valid for your business should be included in your RMP. There are also a large number of risks not shown through this sample that could be relevant to your business and therefore ought to be included. The format and medium with the RMP is in the trading authority holder's discretion, but must have sufficient info and detail to satisfy the ARC Field Officer. The goal of this process is always to ensure most risks happen to be identified plus the appropriate procedures are set up to minimise refrigerant emissions.

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RiskВ ManagementВ PlanВ Guide


TEST RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM The following actions may help in developing the RMP: Step one What are the main activities you should undertake on a daily, every week, monthly or perhaps yearly basis with regards to managing and storing refrigerant? Examples could incorporate, but are not limited to: getting refrigerant, carrying refrigerant, using equipment that contain refrigerant, putting in, servicing and maintaining gear containing refrigerant or which will contain refrigerant, recovering or recycling refrigerant and keeping or getting rid of refrigerant. 2 What are the hazards of refrigerant escaping linked to the main actions identified in coordination 1? Below each main activity illustrate any potential risk wherever refrigerant could possibly be emitted into the atmosphere. Straightforward examples could be: as a result of loose or destroyed cylinder hats, cylinders not being secured within a vehicle and work procedures not complying with the market Code of Practice. Step three What can you do to reduce the hazards you recognized against all the main actions in Step 2? Develop practical solutions or make reference to particular Australian Criteria that state what action needs to be considered against every one of the potential risks you've discovered where refrigerant may break free. These solutions are called " control measures”. Step 4 The RMP need to identify the people responsible for making sure the plan is usually implemented and confirm the RMP process is being followed. Recognize the person(s) responsible for putting the RMP in place and maintaining each aspect. This may be the honcho, chief, gaffer boss, the services manager, the office manager, or yourself. Step 5 The RMP must show an designed review date for the RMP. Discover when the RMP will be examined – it should be reviewed at least yearly (every doze months) to ensure activities, control measures and ratings remain valid, which include...



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