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" Precisely what are the greatest lessons learned by simply Filipinos from other colonial activities? Explain? ”

Being fearless, well-disciplined, beneficial and also take pleasure in for their region are some of the teachings they had learned. They guard their own flexibility. They certainly not allow their selves to get under managed by different races. That they learned to love their very own country because if they may allow it to be overcome, they will reduce their own house. They will be slaves forever. Filipinos learned to be strong, not to give up in life. During the conquest, Filipinos are like a person who with the narrow place that in the event that he/she moves, he/she will certainly fall in the gaping stands out as the. Once you move without thinking, you'll surely get misgivings. They also learned to be a main character for their other Filipinos. Actually they found others are blooded and wounded during the battle they still continue that. Even they know that they will die if that they fight. They will learned to suffer from hunger and they learned to have willpower in life. Wishing that they will go this big trouble. To get always The almighty centered. This really is all mainly because they want to get their country and raise all their flags and wave it. To show all of them that we can easily still forward actually they gave us a lot of difficulty. And at the conclusion, Filipinos will be at the summit of a hill looking downward at the colonizers. Saying, Hi there! This will become the end of everything. You cannot acquire us or even our own houses. You need initially to pass through an uneven floor before you conquer us. Today, it is our use rise.



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