American Sniper Book Review

Austin Sheehan

Mrs. Stitham

English 15 Honors


Book Review intended for American Sniper – Simply by: Chris Kyle (Autobiography)

Just before I commence my the review, I would like showing respect to Chris Kyle, who passed away in an occurrence that happened at a gun range in Erath County, Texas, in which he and his good friend Chad Littlefield, were slain by a retired soldier " supposedly”, experiencing PTSD. I greatly love his devotion and period spent safeguarding the United States of America.

Guide: Chris Kyle, also known simply by his adversaries as " the devil of Ramadi”, is among the most lethal sniper to ever before go through the U. S. Armed service. With above 150 affirmed kills (faster than 250 total kills unconfirmed), Chris keeps the record for most proved kills. American Sniper is usually an autobiography about his life ahead of, getting into, and time in the military. He also produces of his life beyond the armed service, and his wife Taya even writes that gives you an opposing seem from a family group member's look at of a family member at war.

Opinion: I loved the book. Absolutely the best autobiography I have ever read. It merely requires captured my attention right from the beginning, and kept it throughout the entire book. The description Philip puts in each scenario is immaculate. His first person imagery is amazing and it feels as if you aren't sitting proper next to him observing each and every little detail unfold before you. " Tony a2z shot the driving force in the mind. The vehicle veered and damaged into one other building nearby. A helo came in some time later and blew the truck. A Hellfire razzo whooshed in, and the get rid of truck engulfed: it had been stuffed with explosives” (Kyle 284). This is probably my favorite book.

Theme: The concept of the book I think, should be to capture, and possess true existence of a ocean. Reading the autobiography of this notable figure in army history, leaves an effect on you. It portrays how people, with a little determination, can achieve this kind of a task and complete their desire. It...



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