Life Is Like Literature

Life is Like Literature

Claudette Washington

ENG 125 Summary of Literature

Teacher: Kristina Stutler

October 11, 2010

Life is Like Literary works

Literature is a lot like life, they have meaning to it that expresses the mindset or involvement of the author. Materials is a expression used to describe written material. Literary works is used to describe anything via creative producing to more technical or scientific works, although it generally refer to performs of the creative imagination, including functions of poems, drama, fictional, and non-fiction (http://classiclit.about.com/od/literaryterms/g/aa_whatisliter.htm). Materials is also known as a type of fine art of written works, again it is said to be the imaginative manipulation perspective so that readers can make sense of the world that is the two familiar and foreign. Books brings us in touch with the world through telling testimonies, dramatization, situations, expressing thoughts, and analyzing or suggesting ideas (http://www.cod.edu/academic/acadprog/tranprog/engl_com/courses.htm#literature). There are five poets which chose to talk about, they are: Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Langston Barnes, William Shakespeare, and finally Emily Dickinson. These poets are all well-known and made famous by their writings. Of the five poets, Emily Dickinson was my favorite. Each of them wrote from the heart and from life's situations/experiences. Once reading the works of these poets, all their readings will need to touch the lives in a means that you can reflect on your own life's activities and review them to their very own writings. The literature/poetry of those writers are world regarded and taught in many colleges today, the writings of such poets have been completely copied into school books regarding literature. The writings of such poets happen to be interesting in several different ways. Some of the writings may possibly reflect on matrimony, death, like, etc . All these things are an element of everyday life, a thing we all proceed through at one time yet another. Edgar Allen Poe...

Recommendations: Diyanni, L., (2007). Introduction to Literature. Nyc, McGraw-Hill.




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